Professional services are unapproachable to the entrepreneurs of today.

Professional services are perceived to be limited to Assurance and Taxation.

Professional services are reactive rather than Proactive.

What started as an introspection into the current perceptions, became an opportunity that lay before a professional with the right mix of business understanding with a professional backing. The next step was to find the right partners with matching zeal and verve.

Pradyumna believed in associating with people who were just as street smart and information savvy, if not,  smarter or savvier. A tiny introduction on social media lead to Rishabh, saying “Lets do this!”. Now a shared belief, “What 2 can do, 3 can make great!” struck the two optimistic professionals. Enter Rakesh, a person who was as street smart as streets can get and just the right fit into the puzzle.

PREQUATE, a portmanteau word meaning ‘Prior Event Planning + Post Event Equating’ was coined.

Today, Prequate has grown beyond its roots of 3 with each new addition to the team producing an intellectual challenge to the others who have joined before. Working with organizations small and large has helped them learn and grow by leaps and bounds. The mantra remains “Work with people who are as smart, if not smarter!”.



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